Steve Uraine Architect

Dedicated toward service and the community, Steven Uraine Architect supports several non-profit organizations including church golf tournaments, school basketball teams and various church functions. Sailing is close to the Company’s reality sharing such coinciding values as elegance, tradition, the love for the sea and taste for challenge and competition.
Steven Uraine Architect, is a premier, full service International firm with a 30-year reputation of design excellence and exceptional client service. It is our belief that the working relationship between client and architect plays a significant role in determining the success of any project.
The combination of our widespread experience, creative talents and problem solving attributes— in concert with our clients’ ideas—makes for successful projects.

When National Retailers need “quick” innovative designs and permits, they call on Steven Uraine because of his background and thorough knowledge of National & International Building Codes, his dedication to client service and his unparalleled ability to “make things happen.”
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